Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beautiful Girl

By Isobel Allen

You’re light has always shined so bright
Even when you lost your words
And we started this fight
You’re light shined bright

Happiness is infectious coming
From such a special child
I struggle to be more like you
Not letting the worry build

They will not misunderstand,
Or get it all wrong
Oh but sometimes they do
Does it hurt me more than you?

I see the words in your eyes
What you want to say with all your might
To join with the other kids
And still your light shines bright

How hard you have worked, what a feat
For such a young life
We will keep on going
Educating all we meet

Someday you will tell us
All your dreams and desires
This I have no doubt
The Joy you give we could not live without

I’ll always be by your side
My heart weighs heavy still as
You’re light shines bright
Our beautiful girl