Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In Your Silence

In Your Silence

In your silence I hear your fear,
Your need to have me always near,
The fear you won't be understood.
Speak my child - if only you could.

Some people don't know, they say "She'll be alright!"
They don't see the pain, the anguish and fright.
You understand all that they say and infer,
Yet you cannot respond - a pain you incur.

My love for you is simply not enough,
To get you through life, at times will be tough.
But I will help you grow with all in me,
You shall find your voice, this I guarantee.

Your voice will be strong, your words so proud.
You will one day stand tall and speak out loud.
You won't fear anymore, not being understood.
It is then that we'll know we did all that we could.

So for now in your silence I hear your fear,
Your need to have me always near.
The fear you won't be understood,
One day will be gone - it will be gone for good.

(posted with permission of author Sarah Grainer)


  1. I love this. So true.

  2. Thank You for sharing, really hits the spot.

  3. Wow! This made me cry! Thank you for sharing this!!!

  4. I love this poem because it applies to so many communication struggles, including stuttering. I am glad the discussion of the Kings Speech is helping individuals discover we are more alike that different and communication is so important. Thanks to CASANA for enlightening the public. As an SLP I see such a need to dispel myths about apraxia and stuttering. They are often misunderstood and overlooked.

  5. Love this poem. Thank you for sharing!